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Might you someday be a grieving widow who discovers she is financially destroyed because her husband had NO LIFE INSURANCE at all or was woefully underinsured???
Can you answer the following questions correctly?

  1. Have you verified where your husband’s life insurance policy is?

  2. Have you verified how much it is worth?

  3. Is it still enough protection?

  4. Have you verified that your name only is on the primary beneficiary line?

  5. Has the policy lapsed due to negligence or bank account changes?

  6. If the coverage is a term policy have you verified the exact date it terminates?

  7. Have you considered adding additional policies to enhance your current overall protection due to recent changes? Children, Grandkids, Debt payoff or estate tax issues?

  8. Have you made the mistake of relying on employer coverage?

“Over 87 years of excellent combined family service history in the life insurance industry!!!

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