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” The kindest most professional agent experience….ever! Thank you AR! “

-Sharon Fenderson and Gary Worthy
Scottsdale, AZ


” You want to hear about value? Agent Randy DOUBLED my policy size for the same price as my old one.”

-Marla Tobin – Los Angeles


“Agent Randy has been a long time friend and ” DOGFATHER ” of my Husky named Dreamer who he has know since a pup. Only recently have I tested his mind on the subject of life insurance and asked him to break through the fog of all the different types of policies that cause many people confusion that inevitably leads to the dreaded procrastination. Well, not only did the fog disappear but I finally get the concept of leverage which he preaches constantly. Now I ” get it “. For me, my family,friends and clients and YOU,he is the ONLY agent I would recommend to design your ” GOODBYE KISS “.

- Chuck Bothe, MA. ( Licensed Psychologist )


“Hey friends. A couple of months ago, Myrt & I were changing a lot of financial directions in our lives. We cashed out some VULs (Dave Ramsey told us to) and were in need of some Term Life Insurance. If any of you ever are in need of some term insurance with a great guy, a friend of mine on FB Agent Randy E. Hoffman can really help you. He worked diligently to find us the best rates. I couldn’t be more satisfied with someone.”

-Pastor Randy Nelson – Pender, Nebraska


” Agent Randy has been a close family friend for 25 years, there is nobody else I would trust more to design our family life insurance protection than him, just don’t feed him chocolate cake LOL.”

- Sheri Cooke Lokker- Savage, MN

” If I would have had Agent Randy’s advice available before my husband passed away, my daughters & I would not have had the painful financial struggle that I had to endure because our previous agent sold us the wrong type of policy. Now I know that I am on the right track “.

-Brenda Wise – Retired ( Dallas, TX )


“Most people don’t like to think about life insurance but we all know it is a necessity if we care about the ones we love. Working with Randy, I know he always puts myself and my family’s needs first. I can trust he not only has the best rates, but the best product for our particular needs. Thank you Randy for being a trusted source in these trying times!”

- Jennifer Cakebread (Arizona Realtor)

“I highly recommend Agent Randy for anything to do with your life insurance needs.”

- Ernie Babich (Arizona Realtor)

“Agent Randy showed me the wise way to own life insurance for my family including how to get maximum coverage for the smallest premium dollar. Because of his guidance I maintain complete control and flexibility over all my policies.”

- Barry Zweig (Arizona Realtor)

“I trust Agent Randy to show me the smart way to own Insurance”.

- James Adelman (AZ Designated Broker/Adelman Realty Group) Owner – The Joint

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“Agent Randy taught me the MAGIC OF LIFE INSURANCE LEVERAGE which creates large amounts of money from small amounts of money.”

- Lolita Aguilar, CEO, LA Website Design, Los Angeles, CA


“Because of Agent Randy’s affordable help, I have the peace of mind of knowing my daughter is financially strong if I am not around to provide for her.”

- Cinthia Van Alst (Arizona Realtor)

“I would like to say that Agent Randy really helped me to understand what products are best for me and my family. He is very efficient, honest and kind in what he does.”

- Deanna Folk (Bank Executive/Scottsdale resident)


“Agent Randy has a fanatical zeal for life insurance. He eats, sleeps and breathes it ! If you need or want this product, he is definitely the ‘Go to Guy!’”

- Californian David Dewey (Owner - showerbuddy.com)

“Having enjoyed morning coffee with Agent Randy for years, I can attest that he is the first and  last place to go for life insurance help”

                                            - Photographer Alton W. Martins http://www.twoeyesphoto.ifp3.com


“I would trust my family’s life insurance policy to Agent Randy. I have been guided in a way that I never thought possible. This has made me and my wife able to relax about our future lives together… thank you Randy !!!”

                                     – Jason Collins – Website Design Consulting http://www.qsulting.com

“Agent Randy saved me big money on new life insurance when my old policy ran out!”

-Rusty Ludwig – RJL Excavating, Inc.

” I have worked closely with Randy with respect to my life insurance needs. His knowledge and dedication were all first class.  I highly recommend him for any of your life insurance needs. “

- Attorney Douglas Cohen - Managing Director, http://www.worldwidetradelaw.com