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About Randy

image randy 1Having been born into the life insurance business, I have a wealth of great advice on providing the maximum protection for the smallest premium dollar. In addition to the cost issue, I can always guarantee I will offer my clients coverage from companies that have at least a 100 year track record of creating and protecting fortunes by providing large financial benefits to the beneficiaries of such policies. Who or what do you want to protect?

You can own the peace of mind which always comes along with the right policy being delivered to you!

BANNER- Randy Hoffman focus and specialize on Life insurancce concerns

 My most popular plan is the 30 year rate GUARANTEE offered to individuals between the ages of 18 – 65. This means that someone age 65 can lock in guaranteed rates up until age 95 !!! This feature was thought unheard of until recently when several insurers got very creative when faced with the turbulent financial climate of our present day.

Banner I offer affordable benefits from 25,000 to 100 Million

pennies to dollar by Randy Hoffman